Monday, May 10, 2004

let's just have nothing but weekends from now on, mmmmmkay?

What I think of this past weekend:
1.) Noon sounds like a late start for a ride unless you’ve been out drinking all night at the Cat Club the night before.
2.) 4pm sounds like a late start for a ride unless you’ve been working on that hangover all morning in the company of a great friend.
3.) I was mistaken. It is indeed possible to answer the phone and talk while riding. I’m not cool enough to do this, but I have seen it now.
4.) I thought I was having fun, my friend thought perhaps I was outriding my abilities, just maybe. He was not sure. We had brie, and this made it ok. I take riding tips from SOME people, and indeed picked some up here. But I did not stink, and my friend was more complimentary than worried.
5.) If you don’t recognize the phone number, answer with caution, and prepare to be annoyed.
---5a. If I didn’t give someone my phone number, you shouldn’t have either, you fucking prick.
6.) Parties with “cool” people are way less fun than parties with not-so-cool people.
7.) There are times when the lack of a loaded weapon is a very very good thing.
8.) Beer is good through a straw. Better still if you order it with two straws and share.
9.) A couple of bottles of wine and the next sunrise, and I still can’t sleep in past 12.
10.) Don’t put your contacts in eyedrop solution overnight. It BURNS!
11.) 5pm seems late to start a ride, and it actually is. Start earlier next time. A short ride, but lots of fun.

Spent the weekend in the world of a friend that I love dearly; I only hope that the company will help with the hell and heartbreak. It fucking sucks to see people you love getting stomped on.

Next weekend I will be occupied with getting shit together for the Sheetiron. Need to order parts and get all tires and wheels mounted in the right combinations. Then it's off to injure myself.

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