Monday, February 20, 2017

Not My President's Day

Molly told me she wanted to draw on one of her white shirts with fabric markers. Fine, I said. I suggested she sketch out what she planned on a piece of paper first, since the fabric markers aren't forgiving, and kindergartners are prone to spelling and artistic changeability.

As I prepared breakfast and coffee in the other room, she asked me "what letter makes a 'shh' sound?"

"It depends. What are you trying to spell?"


I put the coffee down. "That's a strong word. What are you writing?"

I love this kid.

Yes, I told her several times, she has it out of order, but she doesn't listen to me, no ma'am.

She tells me the picture is of trump picking his nose and using his phone. I think the nosepicking thing is just because she's in kindergarten, and that's a thing. The phone, though... she picks up on everything.
The red dot was intended to be a stop sign.

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