Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Curse on Both Your Houses!

OMG watching the House "work" is so upsetting.

Listening to the GOP whine that Democrats are causing a shutdown by "refusing to negotiate" is so insulting. Here we have a house who keeps trying to pretend it is offering a budget, when it is instead passing up an ideological bill that attempts to take advantage of the hostage situation to cut women's rights, and kill of health care for Americans, which was *already passed.*

so, let me get this straight, we're supposed to re-negotiate things they are sad about losing on, every time a budget needs to get passed?

Time for a new budget? Oh, heeeeeeyyyyy, remember how we didn't get what we wanted on that defunding women's pap smears thing a few months back? Yeeaahhh, I'm gonna need to shut down the government to get what I wanted.

Shutting down WIC is literally leaving children to STARVE. They are taking food from babies. This is the party that claims to care about life, showing their true colors.

The ACA ("ObamaCare") was already approved by both houses and has been declared constitutional. Holding the well-being of our nation hostage so a few zealots can showboat is a disgusting state of affairs.

Remember, dear tea-partiers, last time the government was shut down by the GOP, we re-elected Clinton afterwards.  You are all on your way out, so I can only assume you are putting in your final theatrics to secure a book deal or a spot on Fox News after you are ousted.

I mean, while kids are starving, and the EPA stops monitoring the superfund site I work at, take your time to secure that book deal. Just don't say you did in for Americans. We don't stand with you.


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