Friday, July 09, 2010

Leave me alone!

Oh! They are here!
I kept waiting for them, the pregnancy hormones... the mood swings... the crankiness.

And it is here. Till now, the most I could figure was the bottomless love I feel for my husband. Was that hormones? I don't know-- he's awfully great!

All the crankiness till now? That was just me. You probably know that if you know me.

But now, this week, my patience is GONE. For you, for my work contacts, for the asshat on the bus next to me. Gone. I hate you all and wish you would get the hell out of my way. Why isn't this shit done already? Why do I have to do simple tasks for you? Why are you so whiny? Why didn't you tell me you were working on this instead of waiting for me to put in duplicate work on it? Why can't you communicate better? Why are you yelling while I'm trying to sleep?*** Why are you here!?!?!

It's the hormones talking.
I think?

I am not fit for human consumption right now.

***Incidentally, I have not been getting sleep for the past week or two. Short fits are punctuated by loud cat yelling, getting up to pee, leg cramps, loud cat yelling, pain in both hips due to the need to sleep only on my sides, occasional cat playing with lever in catbox, and then the usual time to go to work crap. There is no sleep here.

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