Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Finally! A weekend with no commitments! I can't remember when we had one like this, so I was really looking forward to it.

Here's what I (we) accomplished:
  1. Cleared the junk out of the baby's room, which meant first cleaning out the closet in the Li-berry, and triaging and reorganizing the linen closet. We found that many of our old sheets were shot, so I got a bunch of sheeting to use for fabric projects.
  2. I sewed diaper wipes out of a flannel queen sheet we bought at the thrift store a few weeks back. The full set cost something like $15 and I just used one sheet, so we still have the other sheet and the pillow cases for other projects. Cost of 62 diaper wipes? ~$7. That seems to put them at about 4x price of regular disposable diaper wipes, but? no more trash, and we get to reuse them. When will they pay for themselves? I have no idea, but for now, they sure do look pretty all stacked up (and unsullied)
    From 2010

  3. Laundry! Oh boy! Lots of it. It was scorching, so line dry was very efficient.
  4. You know those annoyingly-named pillows that you decided were dumb but then everyone says that, actually, they found it really useful, so maybe you are thinking it might be a good thing? I made something very similar this morning from a pattern in this fantastic book that I unfortunately have to return to the library (thus the flurry of activity before the book's due date) Cut from a hideous old sheet (don't worry, I will be making covers for it anyway) we triaged out of our linen closet, stuffed with stuffing leftover from Christmas project=Free (compare to 30 bucks)
    From 2010

  5. Helped Paul put the baby cage crib together.
    From 2010

  6. Made a baby burrito swaddley-thingie (pattern from the same book) from flannel, fleece, and velcro I had in my stash. Ahem. Free.
    From 2010

  7. Cut up a safari jungle whatever beach towel we were given (yes, cutting up gifts! that's what happens when you give things away) We got tired of the panda staring at us in the bathroom, because, you know, pandas are totally messed up. So I cut it up and used some cordura and elastic I had on had to make 3 portable changing pads. All stuff I had in my stash=free.
    From 2010

Don't be fooled though, all of this productivity was really a ploy to avoid doing the things I really "should" be doing, like dealing with the pile of paperwork, insurance crap, etc, that sits by my bed. And the work leftover from a my Real Job (tm) that I totally meant to get caught up on this weekend. I am still doomed.


mlr72 said...

oh yay. please keep posting productivity reports so that I don't make you a crappier version of something you've already made yourself.

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Those are the most beautiful baby wipes ever. Love the "unsullied" comment - can't wait for the sully! Bwahaha!