Saturday, March 13, 2010

The cat has been hollering incessantly since 7:15 this morning, and continues as I type. Is it so wrong to want to strangle a cat?

I spent the last week mostly in training, so now I'm about a week behind at work. Which means I have to weeks to actually catch up on my quarterly OKRs before declaring myself an utter failure for the quarter (wouldn't be the first time I suppose)

But we were invited to go visit friends who recently had a second baby! And are very excited. We didn't want to bug them unless invited because we don't want to be in the way, and assume they haven't gotten enough sleep and don't need our bother. We have a terrible cat and are very sympathetic to no sleep, you see?

I let Paul sleep in until 9:30 on the weekends before I start trying to convince him to make me waffles. 24 more minutes...


James Bong said...

Best thing to do for parents with a new baby is bring them something to eat and help them out around the house. :)

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

James is wise.

Hey, you changed your template. Is it "Bordello Wallpaper?"

Engineer_Ray said...

Waffles every weekend??
Might someone be spoiled.