Saturday, June 13, 2009

There is no Ice Cream on Ice Cream Grade :(

We decided to go for a ride today.
Paul wanted to ride a dirt road to Mount Madonna. I protested by laying the dirt as soon as the pavement ended.

From 2009

I had taken care to choose a nice, scenic spot to wash out my front end, so we sat and made some phone calls and enjoyed the scenery, then turned around and went back to paved roads.

Then we did something like Summit to Zayante, to Mt Hermon Road so we could go to Santa Cruz for Crepe House goodness, then 9 to Alba to Empire Grade, to Ice Cream Grade, where I pulled out at the corner to animatedly beg Paul to pull a yellow jacket out of my jacket, where it had been stinging me repeatedly. (hooray) After some pouting, I really did want Ice Cream for my owie, but the best I could do was to ride Ice Cream Grade, to Pine Flat, back to Empire Grade, to Felton Empire Road, to 9 through Boulder Crick, down Bear Creek Road, then home.

Crashing and getting attacked by yellow jackets made me think I should really cut my losses and go home before something really bad did happen, so I am glad to be home safely, but I don't understand why there is no margarita in my hand!


James Bong said...

Wow, you were right by our house then. We're very close to Zayante, and I take it on my commute at least once a week.

I love the crepe house,BTW. Glad you cut your losses before something worse happened.

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

You may not get out for many rides these days but when you do the ride report is ALWAYS entertaining.