Friday, March 06, 2009


These Tawny Frogmouth Chicks are adorable.

For my sister, via boingboing:
Who is convinced that her fear of geese need not extend to Canada Geese, don't be so sure!

Also for my sister, perhaps. Maybe it was the wine, but I laughed uproariously at this. I guess I'm the right age to have seen this video over and over at an impressionable age.
Billy Idol, literally:

And for me, I have found, via etsy, a delightful blog. A goat blog. And in the process, also a goat store. OMG.

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Jennifer said...

LOL yes isn't it always a good time for Billy Idols glove.

I think that goose was made up to look like a Canada goose. You know with these interweb thingies you can't always believe what you see. I'm thinking they photoshoped one of those evil white geese to look like those innocent canada geese.