Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You asked for it

You asked for updates, here they are. Now you know the true nature of my boringness.

Yesterday, it was Christmas at our house! the mailman brought motorcycle batteries! (how sad is it that my DRZ sat so long the battery died? sniff sniff)

And he brought a blood pressure monitor! As I suspected, my blood pressure appears in the low range. Apparently, there isn't really a low blood pressure range, only a high one. Mine is definitely not high. Sometimes I used to black out a little in the mornings, and I always wondered if it was from low blood pressure.

And! The mailman brought fabric! Which I haven't opened yet! So I can't tell you how great it is(n't?) yet! But it should be the fabric I need to start cutting my wedding dress. Having this will actually help me figure out if the pattern I planned will really "work" with this fabric. It may be too stiff.

Also, Paul had a nasty allergy attack. The cat yelled, and I read some of my PMP book. That will be every night. Oh boy!

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