Thursday, January 24, 2008

um, hai?

I wouldn't try to sum up my views on how we got to the current economic situation right here, right now, but:

Sending us all a little check is your big plan?!?!??!

Let me get this straight. The economy is in the toilet, rather than investing in our conutry, or education, or infrastructure, you are giving the consumer-whore Americans a little more cash to get another hit of Chinamart goods? Just one more hit, man!

And THAT is your big plan?

I know, your plan is to do something dumb, expensive, useless, but very, very popular. Economy be damned. Re-election!

Hai, mr Prez? Congresscritterz?
I gets a check, it goes to ACLU.
And maybe my savingz account.
I no buy beenie babiez or GMC truk.
thx. bai.

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