Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Koolaid! I totally drank it!

(I wrote this a week ago, and forgot I did not publish it, so here it is now)


It has been one month now and I'm finally ready to talk about my new job.

My last day at the old place was June 8th, and my first day at the new place was June 11th.

I have changed careers completely. I used to work in apparel. Now I work in... tech. Specifically, email, web, etc.... communication security and compliance? That sums it up I guess.

I'm on a brand newish team in a wonderful company, which has been growing fast, and has an awesome product. that works, really, really well, and is very useful, and becoming more useful every day.

The people I work with are geniuses. When they explained the architecture of our product to me, and how it differs fundamentally from our competitors, I was so totally impressed. The way they take care to hire, train, and grow people is awesome. The people are really nice and happy, AND?!?!?!

We are having fun. A lot of it.

Of course, there's the small detail about how I know nothing about the intricacies of setting up servers and janky protocols. Never you mind! I will learn it! This is my big hurdle. I am starting at the back of the pack with my shoelaces tied together, but I will come up to speed. It is stressful, and overwhelming sometimes, but it will come. They knew I wasn't a tech person when they hired me, but I did promise them I was smart and liked to learn, so here we are.

And I have the best boss I've had since Rainbeau. A mentor boss. A sane boss. A "what are your strengths and interests?" boss. Yay!

I baked them brownies. I may bake more this week. I like these people that much.

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