Friday, June 10, 2005

In case you don't hear from me again

I’m super swamped.
This week, my sister was in town, which turned out to be kind of maddening, not because of her. Her husband is getting real weird, and I get annoyed easily. They are hill people. Really, I mean, I always sort of joked about it, but this week I realized it wasn’t really a joke. Jeff picked up a grifter cuz, he’s dumb, (and I still think because he’s avoiding my sister) and my sister thinks doesn’t seem to grasp that Einstein might not have been a native speaker of English (incidentally, he didn’t learn to speak until 3 or 4, and was apparently never very comfortable with English). They were both pretty clueless about the grifter they’d accumulated, and, feeling angry about it, Paul and I chipped in extra on dinner. So I guess in the end, we all got played. Because Jeff is a dumbass. Whatever. Total turnoff. I love them, and hope for the best, but episodes like this don’t give me hope

Then getting ready for the Cal24. I mean, really, bare minimum, I’m sure there are a lot of other things we could/should have done to get ready, but whatever. New tires left me without a speedometer for a bit, but Paul jumped in and fixed it. We leave at noon today, and we’ll see what happens. I fully expect to be cranky and throwing something of mine that is broken at 4am in Fort Bragg or otherwise, then apologizing for my behavior later. Also expect to be playing the “blinky game” and hopefully having the good sense to pull over and nap or caffeinate at some point, and also spend a lot of time cursing my decision to attempt this thing at all. Hopefully, I won’t give up, and will finish. I have no goal to get points or win or place; just finishing would be pretty cool.

After that, it’s Father’s Day weekend. Kansas for two days, then back in time to take my dad to dinner. Restaurant is still up in the air. Any suggestions? Somewhere in San Jose, Palo Alto, etc. Hopefully not TOO TOO expensive, cuz we is broke-ass, and somebody has to pay for the SV forks upgrade I’m getting soon.

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